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Turbo Maze is a fast-paced puzzle game in space!


Your task is to navigate a small shuttle through various environments, dodging obstacles, avoiding dangers and solving puzzles. The problem: You can't slow down! And if you hit a wall even once, the ship is destroyed. Additionally, you can only turn at 90-degree angles. Collect all the speed boosts in the level to build up speed, so you can bash through the barricade at the end!

Other game mechanics include:

  • Logic puzzles involving buttons and switches connected to various kinds of machinery
  • Moving parts and timed puzzles
  • Hazardous areas, in which you can only survive for a short time
  • Lasers!
  • And many more... (some of which are not in the game yet)

The combination of rapid, reaction-based movement and puzzle solving presents a great challenge. In fact, Turbo Maze is designed to be quite difficult, taking inspiration from games like Super Meat Boy and Hotline Miami. So, if you don't mind dying over and over again, and like super fast speeds, you'll love this game!


This game is currently in active development by two german students at Trier University of Applied Sciences. Dennis Heinze (Computer Science) and Maximilian Cremer (Intermedia Design) started this project in October 2015.

Most of the game mechanics have been implemented, so what's left for us to do is creating the remaining assets and content, and polishing. We're planning to have at least 4 different environments, each with at least 5 levels (which consist of several sections). The game will feature a minimalistic story, told via in-game cutscenes.

Many assets are still placeholders and/or unfinished. The current visual appearance of the game may not reflect the final product.

For now, Turbo Maze is available for free, mainly due to it's unfinished state. This might change in the future as we make progress with the development. But right now, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to try out the game and give us feedback, so we can create the best experience possible.

If you want to want to get development news and get notified about updates, follow us on Twitter!


Feedback and suggestions are very much welcome!

If you are experiencing any issues with the current build, please let us now!

Turbo Maze on Twitter: @TurboMaze

Dennis Heinze on Twitter: @Cubernator

Maximilian Cremer on Twitter: @ManiacRuin


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It was great fun playing this game! I'm looking forward to the finished product!

Thank you very much!